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**Manta HTPC IR Receiver,  236,00 SEK excl. vat
Manta™ TR1 IR Receiver for HTPC, Media Centers and Media Players.

The Manta TR1 IR receiver is fully supported on the Boxee Box, Raspberry Pi, Windows Vista and later, Linux systems, with XBMC, for use with your universal remote and favorite software.

You can now easily integrate your Boxee Box or XBMC, Plex or SageTV systems, including the Raspberry Pi, with the rest of your entertainment system using your favorite remote, whether it be a Logitech Harmony, Philips Pronto, URC Complete Control or any other remote that supports a "WMC / MCE" (Windows Media Center) device.

No drivers need to be installed as Manta TR1 is natively supported by Boxee Box, Windows Vista and later, Linux, with XBMC.
Direct support for your remote will be available in most popular media playing software.

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236,00 SEK excl. vat