Mitsumi internal FDD+Reader


This is compound storage device to interface to computer with USB specification and read/write various type of flash media (*1) and FD (floppy disk), and has the features as below.

*1 Compact Flash (Type-I&II), Micro Drive, Secure Digital Card, Multi Media Card, Memory Stick, Smart Media.

System Requirements

1) Platform

PC/AT compatible PC with USB port

Macintosh series PC with USB port

2) OS

Windows 98 Second Edition (*2), Windows 2000 (*3) Windows Me, Windows XP, Mac OS 8.6 and higher

Standard USB interface

It has standard USB interface, and can be used to connect to host with USB specification (root hub) or port on hub.

3) USB 2.0 full-speed compliant

4) Response to USB standard request

5) Standard description

Low Power Consumption

It is designed to consume low power and operates as USB bus-powered device (Refer to Power-Supply)

Compound storage device

It is combo drive adopted USB for interface of flash media drive and 34-pins standard interface for FDD.

And, flash media drive is recognized as two logical unit device, so it can transfer data between different flash media.


Smart Media, Memory Stick, Secure Digital Card, Multi Media Card are mutually exclusive. Flash media more than two types cannot be used simultaneously.

Flash media drive of this device is bus-powered device with USB specification. The power must be supplied from host or self-powered hub port.

Flash Media Drive System Specifications

          2-1. System Control

          USB specification revision 1.1 compliant

          Built-in 16 bits micro controller

          USB mass storage class compliant and adopted bulk-only protocol

          2-2 Data Transfer Rate : 12Mbps maximum

Environmental Condition

During operation (degree) 5 - 40
During storage (degree) -20 - 60
During transportation(degree) -40 - 65
Temperature gradient 20 C / H (MAX)
During operation (%)

(maximum wet bulb temperature is 29 C)

20 íV 80

(No condensation)

During storage (%)

(maximum wet bulb temperature is 40 C)

10 íV 90

(No condensation)

During transportation (%)

(maximum wet bulb temperature is 40 C)

10 íV 90

(No condensation)

Acceleration (m/s) 19.6 (MAX)
Vibration (Hz) 5 - 500
Acceleration (m/s) (MAX) 14.7 9.8 4.9
Vibration (Hz) 5-100 100-200 200-500
Sweeping cycle (oct/min) 1
Acceleration (m/s) 784 (MAX)
Vibration time (msec) 11 (MAX)

Physical Specifications

Overall: 101.6mm (width) by 25.4mm (height) by 144 (depth)

Weight: 320g (TYP)