• Do you often have a computer with Windows blue screen at Home?
  • Do you have problems with students downloading programs from Internet and creating problems for you or other users in your school?
  • Do you waste a lot of time fixing the computers in your It Cafe?

Does you  think you  put out too much money to fix the computers?

The answer is probably YES!!!
But you can leave all that behind you now, just install HD Guard Pro

The HD Guard Pro is a powerful recovery card to protect your hard disk drive from software disasters caused by virus, tampering, accidental destruction, abnormal shutdown, Windows blue screen conditions, registry errors, etc. It also protects CMOS settings.

Just insert HD Guard Pro into your computer and specify the partition(s) you want to protect so your computer will be able to run in perfect condition all of the time without technical difficulties. It will allow your computer to open to the general users because everything will be recovered instantly if needed by only re-starting your computer. Deleting, formating, uninstalling, intentional ruin, etc. will all safely be restored.

"We believe HD Guard will enable you to be more relaxed, smiling and happy no matter how many computers you are watching…"

How does it works?

HD Guard Pro creates a vituell mirror of the hard drive. The computer works as normal, and the user does not sense anything unusual. However in the background your Safety card works to protect your computer from accidental destruction, abnormal shutdown, Windows blue screen conditions, registry errors, etc. If anything happens with the computer, simply reboot… With the HD Guard you always can be sure to have working computers in your school. Teachers can concentrate on the educational aspect of their job and will not have to worry about the safety of the computers.

HD Guard Pro


  • Supports IDE,SATA and SCSI hard disk.
  • Supports PIO, DMA33, DMA66, Ultra DMA66, ATA-100 and Ultra ATA-100 IDE interface.
  • Supports FAT16/16E, FAT32/32E, NTFS/HPFS partitions and file systems.
  • You can choose if you want to protect your entire hard drive or only your decided partitions.
  • Supports Partition Magic and multi-OS booting by System Commander and multi-bootable-partition booting by Boot Magic.
  • Protect CMOS.
  • Supports DOS, Windows 3x/95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000/XP.
  • Free Remote software included.

Where can you use HD Guard Pro?

  • Computer Labs
  • Training Centers
  • Libraries
  • Public Computers
  • Showrooms
  • Internet Cafés
  • Industrial/Embedded Computers
  • At Home

Why use HD Guard Pro?

  • Hardware makes no conflicts in the computer
  • Supports FAT 32 and NTFS
  • We works with no middle man so you receive the best price possible
  • HD Guard supports all Windows versions from DOS to Windows XP
  • Easy to Install