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Eksitdata - L.I.S VFD Red Deluxe

L.I.S VFD Red Deluxe ,   79:- inkl. moms

Red with black frontpanel. This L.I.S VFD is a new type one for clearer letter and exiting of graphic effect than the previous product. This product are composed of VFD module, controller, cable; user´s manual and install CD. It can be possible to display rapidly by acting speedy response more than LCD and enable to operate it as high reliability and widen acting temperature (-40~85¡É). It has wide range of vision and very clear expression and supplies to users comfortable and excellent high brightness.
Supports Win XP.


Artiklar skrivna om produkten
R&B Mods
Lagerstatus: Slut i lager
79:- inkl. moms

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