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The cost effective choice for municipals, schools, univercities, companies, consultants and other public or private workplaces where productivity is paramount.

Control, Monitor, Distribute, Protect, Schedule and Backup

Any given computer is exposed to everyday threats, comming from either the user, or other source that for various reasons want to change or sabotage the system, the prevention and restoration is often a costly procedure, both in time and money. These costs can be marginalized by utilizing SysReturn.

SysReturn restores a computer to its previously saved state, allowing the user to continue working after a simple reboot, requiring no user interaction. SysReturn does the whole job, automated, per default, at every reboot, instantly.

SysReturn allows the administrator to manage whole classrooms of computers at his desktop, remote controlling them with ease.

SysReturn is software, use HD Guard PRO if you prefer hardware.

Returns to a previously saved point at every reboot.

Administrate your Microsoft Windows 32 or 64bit PCs at a central location.

Update and run commands from central location.

Kiosk mode, with options to disable mouse and keyboard.

Folders can be left unprotected.

Installation is done in seconds.

30-days fully functional trial for select customers.

System requirement for SysReturn

Microsoft Windows 32 or 64bit system, system partition of at least 8GB, Network(for central administration). We recommend HD Guard PRO, our hardware based solution for system restore of older machines that don’t meet the requirements.

Contact our product manager, Michael Hjortenhag, micke@eksitdata.com.